1. Apply to be present on the talent-pooling DUODECI website:
  • 1. I am a craftsman, a designer and I wish to be present on the website. Which steps should I follow?
    In order to remain qualitative, we recruit a limited number of members either by sponsorship or by selection of spontaneous applications in order to keep a good visibility and a high-quality of profiles. We would like our members to share our values (see our Charter). You must find a sponsor or contact us directly and propose your application (see link).

  • 2. You present multiple communities on the website and I think I can be on several communities. Is that possible?
    . Yes it's possible. It allows you to have multiple pages which gives you an increased visibility. The free formula, however, allows only one community.

  • 3. I don't understand the difference between the Craft and French Exception communities?
    Craftsmen are persons/companies that make artworks (see the nomenclature of the 281 art trades). Craftsmen/companies from the French Exception community are co-opted by the DUODECI committee. Its members are recognized in their profession. They can be members of the Grands Ateliers de France; Masters of Art (a title awarded by the French Ministry of Culture to professionals in the art trades, for their exceptional expertise and their ability to transmit their knowledge); labeled EPV or other; or even a self-taught personality/company but recommended for its mastery, its level of requirements and its values. The DUODECI Committee is free to choose members for the French exception community.

  • 4. As I'm a Master of Art and Best Worker of France, will I be present on several communities ?
    . Yes, if you are Master of Art Engraver and Best Worker of France in heraldic engraving for example, you can be on the French Exception, MOF and Jewel communities. The possibility to be part of multiple communities depends on your subscription.

  • 5. I'm a gem merchant, what are the criteria to be on the website?
    The gem dealers that we select must meet certain criteria (describe or link to the criteria) in order to ensure quality and visibility.
  • The presented gems must be available and of high quality. Photos of the gems should not be artificially modified. The origin of the gems must be responsible.

  • 6. I am an artisan and I wish to join the Craft community, what are your selection criteria ?
    The craftsmen we select must meet certain criteria in order to ensure the quality of the recruitment.
    A quality presentation.
    Quality products, whether traditional or innovative.
    A service, and/or a know-how.
    A good contract with the profession and its products.

  • 7. Once my application has been accepted, am I sure to remain on the website?
    Nothing is ever acquired, every year we reserve the possibility to keep or not a member.

  • 8. . I am a student, do the same selection criteria apply for me to be present on the website?
    No, all overage students of a craft course can be present on the website. The website is designed to help them reach success, to provide them with a showcase they can use to present their work and to make the contacts with professionals easier.

  • 9. I am a teacher, what are the selection criteria that apply for me to be present on the website?
    All the teachers in the arts and crafts have their place and can be present on the website. The website was designed so that it can be used as a showcase that allows teacher to show the work and projects done with students and and so that it creates links with professionals. They will be able to help and invite their students to present their profiles.

  • 10. Is it necessary to pay a subscription so as to be on the website (i.e to have a profile page on a community)?
    No, it's free to have your profile on the platform.

  • 11. I registered and I was able to create my profile but visitors cannot see me on the website?
    If you wish to join one of the communities, you can register and complete your page but it is visible only to you at first. For your profile to be visible to everyone, our DUODECI team must validate your profile. If your profile is not validated, we can help you to correct what needs to be improved. We are kind.

  • 12. I have chosen a paying formula at DUODECI and I wish to end my subscription. What is the procedure?
    As a member you can manage your profile yourself and end your subscription at any time by accessing your account management page.

    2. Features present on the DUODECI website.
  • 13. As a member of the DUODECI website, can I sell products?
    Yes, it is possible. To do so, we have created an interface that allows you to sell your products online via our partner Stripe ( which manages the payment system. This module is reserved for our members and requires a specific subscription (available early 2022).

  • 14. As a member of the DUODECI website, can I sell products without going through the DUODECI ?
    Yes it is possible, via messaging or direct contact

  • 15. Will you communicate on social networks?
    Yes, and all creators will have to do the same. You will help us to communicate because together we are stronger. The provision of a module to create your own articles goes in this direction. The articles that you will publish will be posted on the DUODECI Facebook page if you give us your agreement.

  • 16. I have ideas to improve the website, is it possible to give my opinion?
    Yes, we welcome your comments and suggestions. That's even the goal as it is a community website.

  • 17. Will the website change?
    The site - in progress - is a first version which evolves to propose more powerful tools.