The DUODECI charter

The DUODECI team is concerned about the ethics and professionalism of its members. It is the reason why we ask future members to take note of this charter, which summarizes the values ​​that are fundamental to us. This explicit moral contract has no legal value. However, compliance with this charter is essential to ensure smooth and efficient interactions on the website.

DUODECI is a social network specialized in the arts and crafts. You will find creators, professionals, suppliers, shops, but also students training in these trades. There are 12 communities in total represented by sectors of activity.

1 To bring visibility to our members.
2 To bring together skills related to the arts and crafts.
3 To encourage meetings and exchanges.
4 To simplify contacts.
5To propose a marketplace where prices are confidential.
Rules of procedure: :

VALUES:be willing to join our community and be present on the website. Share our values ​​of freedom, synergy, generosity and kindness. Be respectful of each other's work in all circumstances. Be supportive and available.

ENVIRONMENT:the members commit themselves to an environmentally responsible behaviour. Though the use of the internet generates pollution, it is possible to reduce this carbon footprint by taking part in responsible actions.

ACCURATE INFORMATION:the creators, and more generally the people or companies that are members of the various communities, must be real, which implies that no false names nor pseudonyms may be used. They may only publish drawings, creations and products for which they have property or intellectual property rights, and which do not harm the image of DUODECI.

FAIR PLAY :in the interest of everyone, each member agrees to respond to any request in a professional manner and within a reasonable time frame (1 week).

POPULARIZATION:members undertake to make their relations with the interlocutors as simple as possible given that the latter may not be familiar with the vocabulary specific to each trade. Other members, like each person, are open to any dialogues and exchanges that promote the transmission of knowledge.

BENEVOLENCE:the people present on the website must be benevolent about the promotion of DUODECI and the users of DUODECI. Listen to all discussions and opinions in a spirit of openness and tolerance.

INFORMATION ACCURACY:members undertake to display only accurate information and available products on the website, the characteristics of which correspond to the product sheet presented.

PRODUCTION AND FOLLOW-UP:the members using the DUODECI marketplace commit themselves to communicate all estimates of production time and project follow-up on their quotes so that the client has visibility on the budget and the schedule of the mission.

LINKING:members can use DUODECI for their own promotion and to develop their own business, but they have to be transparent about their fees by indicating what is included and what is not included in prices (products and services, miscellaneous fees, taxes, etc.).

DUODECI has full confidence in the creators and lets them freely express their talent and their technique without constraint or formatting. We believe that differences are a source of wealth.

DUODECI promotes new synergies based on collective intelligence and creation. We believe that it is at the crossroads of all knowledge that the greatest creativity lies.

Because DUODECI kindly treats all creators, we attract the best talents. We take care of creators by accompanying them to the top of their art and by casting the light on their talent.