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Fondation Banque Populaire

It was in 2013 that the Foundation chose to support artisans by creating a specific jury, a nod to the origins of the Banque Populaires. Craftsmen are distinguished both by their aesthetic vision, their exceptional experimentation abilities and a sense of the material acquired alongside a recognized craftsman or by a solid training. They are smugglers of ancestral techniques and crafts, while being resolutely focused on creation, innovation or hybridization. Living from an art profession requires finding the means to settle in one’s own workshop, to acquire the materials or tools needed to make works, to continue to train or even to export to expand one’s reputation. The Foundation supports talented artisans who already have some experience of what it means to be passionate about a viable project. Beyond the financial support of the Foundation, the members of the jury make their network and experience available to the laureates.

Foundation Bettancourt Schuller

The Bettencourt Schueller Foundation implements the mission entrusted to it twenty-five years ago by its founders, André and Liliane Bettencourt and their daughter Françoise Bettencourt Meyers: “Let us give wings to talent” to contribute to France’s success and influence. This mission is expressed concretely in three areas: life sciences, arts and solidarity. It is driven by convictions that define a spirit and ways of working, for the general good, not-for-profit and with a view to social responsibility. The commitment to crafts has become a cornerstone of the Foundation, and the establishment of the Liliane Bettencourt Prize for the Intelligence of the main® embodies a conviction: “Like the researcher, the craftsman moves into the unknown. Both are adventurers. Tenacious. Creative people who disrupt the order of things and awaken emotion and passion.” Since then, 110 winners from all categories have been awarded. Screen reader compatibility is enabled.

Foundation Bernardaud

‘‘For more than 150 years, the company whose name I bear has identified with the porcelain of Limoges. Over the generations, Bernardaud has become a world-renowned player in the decorative arts and French luxury.

Foundation culture et diversité

The mission of the Culture & Diversity Foundation is to promote access to the arts and culture of young people from modest backgrounds. Since its launch in 2006, it has been designing and leading sustainable programmes directly on the ground with its cultural, educational and social partners. More than 45,000 young people have already benefited from its actions. The Foundation’s programmes have two objectives: - in favour of equal opportunities, they facilitate access to cultural or artistic higher education of excellence. - in favour of social cohesion, they enable cultural awareness, artistic practice and learning of knowledge. In addition, the Culture & Diversity Foundation awards the best access to arts and culture each year by awarding the Artistic and Cultural Audacity Award. These programmes are carried out in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Culture.

Foundation d'entreprise HERMÈS

Through its authentic and demanding work, listening to the world around us, the Fondation d'entreprise Hermès cultivates the garden of diversity and explores many areas around artisanal and creative know-how. The resolution of the great challenges facing our societies such as the fight against poverty and discrimination, the search for a solid and lasting peace, access to education for all, the preservation of natural resources, … our ability to develop humanistic and cultural responses that involve the collective intelligence. Faced with the complexity, the unpredictability of the world, the globalization that often results in a standardization that impoverishes the gaze and starves the taste, the Fondation d'entreprise Hermès carries the singular voice of the house. By his deep nature as a craftsman, Hermès developed social skills based on collaboration and mutual support. Olivier Fournier

Fondation EY

The EY Foundation’s mission is to “Restore the place of man in the world of work through human commitment by supporting projects that call on manual, technical and artisanal know-how and by promoting integration through access to training and employment”. The Foundation operates by providing expertise from EY employees to selected project leaders. Three main objectives: - Contribute to the development of manual know-how and employment in these sectors; - Action for the integration of people far from the world of work and/or fragile by access to training and employment - Working for the transmission of know-how and knowledge through human engagement;

Foundation Frédéric et Simone de Carfort

Created thanks to the heritage bequeathed by Frédéric de Carfort and following the wishes he expressed, this foundation bears the name of its founder and that of its mother Simone de Carfort, poet who produced two collections, Ermanindor and Blanche nuit. Perpetuating the names of these artists and aesthetes, it allows unknown artists, young or old, to make discover their work to the public. Thus, the Frédéric de Carfort Prize, now worth 2,300 euros, aims to reward a figurative plastic research, and is awarded alternately to a work of painting, sculpture or drawing. If it does not impose an age limit, this international prize is awarded preferably to a young artist.

Fondation Garance

GARANCE Mécénat aims to promote: the transmission of the know-how of the trades and the strengthening of intergenerational ties, the implementation of educational measures in the context of vocational training, learning and business start-ups in the local economy, promoting the excellence of the business lines, the implementation of studies and actions aimed at supporting local economic entrepreneurs and their families and preventing their occupational health risks. Screen reader compatibility is enabled.

Foundation Michèle et Antoine Riboud

The Michèle and Antoine Riboud Foundation encourages vocations and supports young people who are involved in the arts and crafts sector, particularly the manual trades, by supporting their studies and professional projects. To this end, it is associated with various awards for young talent, and awards, in partnership with INMA, honorary loans «Entrepreneurs des Métiers d'Art» in order to support young people in their craft project and their professional integration.

Fondation Prix Lacourière

To pay tribute to the artist, to echo the passion he put in transmitting his technique and to promote etching, the Prix de gravure Lacourière, worth 10,000 euros, awards every two years an artist under the age of 45 who practises etching in soft-cut, selected by a jury of specialists (curators, technicians, art critics and historians, gallery owners, etc.). A copy of each print constituting the winning works is deposited in the Department of Prints and Photography of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

Foundation Michel Angelo

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, which is why we actively seek individuals, schools and institutions that share our values and identify with our mission. Our growing network of more than 80 international members includes leading applied arts schools across Europe, major design museums and national institutions working to promote crafts. They help us select master craftsmen and young talents to actively participate in our projects. In turn, we support the activities of members and offer them the opportunity to meet, encouraging exchanges and fostering a sense of community. The master craftsmen we support all have one thing in common: they represent excellence in their field.

Fondation Remy Cointreau

As our cellar masters share their exceptional know-how with generations of future cellar masters, our foundation helps exceptional artisans to pass on their know-how in the future. Transmission is the red thread in all our actions. The Foundation’s mission is to “support, in France and abroad, initiatives of general interest for the enhancement and transmission of excellence know-how and to act in favour of the terroirs in their cultural, environmental and human expression”.

Fondation Renaud

Created in 1994 and recognized as a public utility in 1995, the Foundation is the result of the wish of the Renaud family to make known to Lyonnais its collections and exceptional heritage sites. Today, it brings together 8,000 objects and works of art, including Lyon painters of the 19th and 20th centuries such as Adolphe Appian, Jean Couty, Joannès Veimberg, Favrène, Evaristo, Alice Gaillard, Thérèse Contestin… The Renaud Foundation presents its collections and heritage to the public by organizing temporary exhibitions and conferences on artists from the Lyon region and by participating in various cultural events such as the European Heritage Days, the Contemporary Art Biennale… According to the wishes of its founders, its mission is also to support contemporary creation and organize artist residencies.