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Catégorie Monochrome: Loéva RABILIER : remis par Arnaud Pradat et M. Leclerc (sous-Directeur de la Banque Populaire) Zoé LEDOUX : remis par Geoffroy Cantat et Nicole Pinon (Rotary) Isaline Dudok de Wit : remis par Emmanuel Riotte et Philippe Marme (SamCity) Catégorie Haut en couleur : Margaux CHARMILLE : remis par Arnaud Pradat et Xavier Péron (Cogep) Léonie BARBEAU : remis par Geoffroy Cantat et Manuel Médard (Lion’s) Marie GOUDJIL : remis par Emmanuel Riotte et Christophe Poissonnier (VMA)

Cette opération est cofinancée par l’Union européenne.

.L’Europe investit dans les zones rurales


The competition is aimed at young designers/creators

As a city with the Ville et Métiers d'Art label, Saint-Amand-Montrond has decided to organise an exhibition
of drawings and an international design competition in partnership with DUODECI.

The aim of the "REVELATION DESIGN" competition is to promote emerging talent by offering them a showcase that allows them to be visible to both professionals and the general public. The presentation and promotion of these young creators will be made on the talent-revealing DUODECI platform. The competition is for the creation of a drawing whose subject questions the interpretation of design and the arts and crafts of today.


Participants in the Competition must register online. This registration requires filling in all the fields and sending their creation (drawing and description) using only the link provided for this purpose on the competition page before the deadline of 15 March 2021 midnight and within the limit of the first 1500 entries.

Prizes :
6 WACOM Cintiq Pro 16 graphics tablets

The 6 winners will receive a WACOM Cintiq Pro 16 graphics tablet worth €1600.00.
The WACOM Cintiq Pro 16 graphics tablets will be presented by each of our partners.

All the drawings submitted will be presented and visible on the DUODECI platform.


1/ Federating and energising creation and design.
2/ Highlighting the creative universe of the candidates and providing a communication support to make themselves known.
3/ Creating an emulation by offering several prizes that reward several candidates with a vertical challenge and not a pyramid challenge.
4/ Bringing students and professionals together
5/ Stimulating through action a city with the Métiers d'Art label.

This competition is intended to be innovative.It highlights the candidate for his creative universe, his capacity to make us dream by sharing his universe through his artistic proposals.
"This competition aims at revealing talents." Whether they are rewarded or not, every participant will be highlighted so that any person or entity interested in their work can contact them directly to create partnerships. For example, students will be able to meet future employers.


Candidates must send their artworks (drawings and descriptions) only via this link before March, 15 2021 at midnight and or within the limit of the first 1500 applications. The link sends you to the website of the SCP Stéphane PIDANCE Séverine GUY Associate Bailiffs, 34 rue du Docteur Coulon 18200 SAINT AMAND MONTROND, responsible for ensuring the regularity of the candidates' participation and the anonymity of the applications to the competition.

Themes of the competition.

What traces do we want to leave? We invite you to create, by the mean of a monochrome or a colourful drawing depending on the category you choose, a universe as a time capsule that will be a reflection of our society (real or imaginary), that will represent your personality and, if you wish, the professional field in which you work.
A question? 06 86 88 43 30

Candidates submit their achievements in the following manner:

Fill in the fields as follows :
  1. You are: private individual
  2. Your ref. file 76879
  3. Last name first name
  4. Phone
  5. Email
  6. Attach your artwork : (put here your drawing in PDF format)
  7. Attach your decision: (put here your description in PDF format)
  9. To the question "Should the certified shipment be returned to you?" Click on no and put SCP PIDANCE GUY
  10. To the question "Should the invoice be sent to you?" Click on no and put SCP PIDANCE GUY
  11. Do not put anything in the next field and then VALIDATE.


The city of Saint-Amand-Montrond is labeled Ville et Métiers d'Art, and it is within this framework that it organizes a drawing exhibition and an international design competition in partnership with DUODECI.

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2020 Competition // Design revelation


Lancement du concours à Saint Amand Montrond : 12 novembre 2020
Cloture au plus tard :15 mars 2021
Remise des prix à la cité de l’Or :NOUVELLE date 25 juin 2021
Le concours s’adresse aux jeunes designers/créateurs de moins de 27 ans.
Il est ouvert aussi bien au :● Professionnels débutants leur carrière● Etudiants