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Gathering many students, DUODECI Student is the international community of students evolving in the>Ideal to find an internship or a job, this allows young talents to show their work and make their universe known to thousands of Internet users.


All students over 18 can be present on DUODECI Student, they can present their work, propose internships, contact professionals. This presentation should allow them to be contacted spontaneously by companies. The demand is high, so they can easily find the desired profile.


A place, a space reserved for students/es. Place of free unique expression in the international digital space. This digital territory will allow each student/e and free, to offer a showcase of his artistic skills, his know-how, his creations, his plastic, dream-like motivations, techniques. Being known for its original creations, its artistic and stylistic values, its degree of inventiveness is an opportunity to share and make discover its work. Show, exhibit, propose forms, textures, narrative scenes, imageries, themes, new or re-invented techniques with a high degree of requirement in an artistic and technical expression of excellence and innovation.


Through innovative and effective search and linkage functionalities, DUODECI aims to be both a professional social network and a market place. The online platform and the DUODECI mobile application make up a complete solution to best meet your expectations.

DUODECI presents your profile and your work:

Based on a natural segmentation of activities by artistic category, we have devised twelve community spaces which aim to improve the relationships between its different members as well as to provoke meetings between art enthusiasts from all backgrounds. Owing to its many features, DUODECI will allow each of you to create your own personal space with the dual objective of introducing yourself to others and developing your professional activity.

EXHIBITION James Bond in Marseille

The objects, gadgets, accessories, legendary clothing of the saga of the 26 films of the James Bond series exhibited at the Château de la Buzine in Marseille until December 31. A fabulous collection and a tribute to recently deceased Sean Connery: a beautiful retrospective tribute for a 7th art personality!

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