A showcase for high-end craftsmanship and a showcase of French know-how.

By bringing together Best French Workers , flagship of French know-how,
DUODECI Mof showcases exceptional creations within an innovative platform.

EVERY Best Worker of France has their place on this platform.

Retired MOFs who wish to share their knowledge, give courses or help us promote our approach are equally entitled to have their profile. The Société Nationale MOF is a partner of DUODECI as this platform is complementary to the national website www.meilleursouvriersdefrance.info. An agreement between SNMOF and DUODECI was the basis for the creation of this community.


DUODECI Design invites you to discover designers, artists and creators with undeniable talent who wish to present their universe to you and share their love for precious stones and exceptional pieces.

Belonging to the DUODECI Design community is above all the recognition of a mastery, but also the expression of a strong desire to shake up codes and give life to universes as fanciful as daring.


Through innovative and effective search and linkage functionalities, DUODECI aims to be both a professional social network and a market place. The online platform www.duodeci.com and the DUODECI mobile application make up a complete solution to best meet your expectations.

DUODECI presents your profile and your work:

Based on a natural segmentation of activities by artistic category, we have devised twelve community spaces which aim to improve the relationships between its different members as well as to provoke meetings between art enthusiasts from all backgrounds. Owing to its many features, DUODECI will allow each of you to create your own personal space with the dual objective of introducing yourself to others and developing your professional activity.

Track your images and claim any money you are entitled to with PIXTRAKK

This month we are focusing on protecting your drawings and photographs with our partner PIXTRAKK.

In many countries, the author of a creation is automatically the owner of copyright, which protects him from unauthorised use of his work by third parties. PIXTRAKK allows thousands of designers to defend themselves legally and immediately with one click ...

YOU WANT TO BE PART OF MOF on the platform?

You hold the title One of the Best French Workers, DUODECI will allow you to make your communication, to present and sell your creations online, to offer training or to establish partnerships with other professionals.

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