DUODECI Gem will allow you to develop your network, and to be contacted by our members and our visitors passionate about gems. In addition to your communication, you can present your gems online, offer training or establish partnerships with other professionals.

Discover the precious world of gems

Whether you are a collector or a craftsman in jewellery, DUODECI Gem is the community that will allow you to find the gem you need.
You may also find all kinds of minerals and pearls.


The gems, minerals and beads present on the platform are all available. Our solution allows confidential pricing but also the possibility to book a product or a service. Our platform connects buyers and sellers without brokerage fees and our elaborate filter system allow you to narrow down searches precisely.

Démêler les mystères.

DUODECI Gem invites you to discover exceptional gems, but also specialists who evolve in this environment. Explore this limitless universe and find a lapidary, diamond or gem dealer with ease. Each of them presents their universe to you and share their love for precious stones and minerals.

Belonging to the DUODECI Gem community is above all the recognition of a expertise, but also a strong desire to share their passions. On request, our specialists can inform you about the price of their products which you can book it for a few days so as to be the first to block the sale of these unique stones.


Through innovative and effective search and linkage functionalities, DUODECI aims to be both a professional social network and a market place. The online platform and the DUODECI mobile application make up a complete solution to best meet your expectations.

DUODECI presents your profile and your work:

Based on a natural segmentation of activities by artistic category, we have devised twelve community spaces which aim to improve the relationships between its different members as well as to provoke meetings between art enthusiasts from all backgrounds. Owing to its many features, DUODECI will allow each of you to create your own personal space with the dual objective of introducing yourself to others and developing your professional activity.


This month we are focusing on Benoît CHARBONEAU , "gem hunter". He travels the world in search of gems to make his customers dream and inspire exceptional creations. Benoit organizes "gem safaris" in small groups to discover the surprising facets of these stones.

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