Creative immersion in the fashion world

Bringing together many experienced creators and artisans, DUODECI Fashion is the avant-garde and international community of fashion trades.
This community gathers over 80 professions, serves as an incubator for the incoming generation of talents and disseminates and makes known their peculiar universes to thousands of Internet users.


Through innovative and effective search and linkage functionalities, DUODECI aims to be both a professional social network and a market place. The online platform and the DUODECI mobile application constitute a complete solution to best meet your expectations.

DUODECI presents your profile and your work:

Based on a natural segmentation of activities by artistic category, we have devised twelve community spaces which aim to improve the relationships between its different members as well as to provoke meetings between art enthusiasts from all backgrounds. Owing to its many features, DUODECI will allow each of you to create your own personal space with the dual objective of introducing yourself to others and developing your professional activity.


Trained as a graphic designer, Isabelle Mariana launches her brand Isée in 2018. Emotion is at the heart of her approach. She combines skills such as weaving, embossing of fabrics, fibre dyeing and embroidery to express all the sensuality of a model. Her style is expressed in the uniqueness of each brooch.


Both a talent referrer and a work office, DUODECI will allow you to make your communication, to present and sell your creations online, to offer training courses or to establish partnerships with other professionals. Each member of DUODECI benefits from a personal page which allows him to present his creations and talk about his universe. As a designer, this page will be used to present the different aspects of your work, your achievements, your current creations... You will be able to create articles and highlight a creation or a portrait. This page is yours, it is secure and will be an asset. to develop your visibility with your target audience and professionals in your sector. DUODECI accompanies you in your success.


AN INNOVATIVE AND COMMUNITY PLATFORM MADE FOR YOU DU0DECI is a social network specialising in the Art trades. It allows you to create your own presentation space, expand your network and foster your professional connections. The DUODECI platform allows you to increase your visibility and exchange online with your collaborators, suppliers and peers. In all, there are 12 communities represented by sectors of activity.

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