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center>b>DUODECI/b> selected for you span style="font-weight: bold">professionals of art crafts,/span> our choice was for artisans of the world. br>We select people in this community to keep a qualitative site. /br>/center>


DUODECI Craft makes it possible to reference artisans/creators from five continents, while offering everyone the opportunity to share their know-how and present their creations.


Creation is at the heart of our business through the association of creativity and French cutlery tradition, we have developed resolutely modern lines that mark the minds and that while respecting our heritage offer a vision of the cutlery resolutely turned towards the>br/>br>Each of our creations is handmade in France without any subcontracting. Transmission and sharing are the glue that binds us to our colleagues, collaborators and learners. The exchange is two-way, we learn from those to whom we transmit and we contribute to the preservation and the radiation of a rare>


Through innovative and effective search and linkage functionalities, DUODECI aims to be both a professional social network and a market place. The online platform and the DUODECI mobile application constitute a complete solution to best meet your expectations.

DUODECI presents your profile and your work:

Based on a natural segmentation of activities by artistic category, we have devised twelve community spaces which aim to improve the relationships between its different members as well as to provoke meetings between art enthusiasts from all backgrounds. Owing to its many features, DUODECI will allow each of you to create your own personal space with the dual objective of introducing yourself to others and developing your professional activity.

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